RCE North Texas

Regional Center for Expertise

What is a Regional Center for Expertise (RCE)?

An RCE is a collection of organizations in a particular region that are committed to the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG [Sustainable Development Goal] s). This can include local governments, institutions of higher learning, nonprofits, for-profits, and other groups. The idea behind an RCE [Regional Center for Expertise] is that the organizations can meet and gather to discuss how to implement sustainability at a regional level. RCEs have four elements: governance, collaboration, research and development, and transformative education. There are over 170 RCEs around the world.

The North Texas Regional Center for Expertise

Logo for the North Texas Regional Center for Expertise

The North Texas Regional Center for Expertise (RCE North Texas) is a collaborative effort by the University of Texas at Dallas Office of Sustainability and the University of Texas at Arlington Office of Sustainability to bring together sustainability stakeholders in North Texas to discuss regional problems and solutions. Resources and bandwidth are shared between these stakeholders to enact regional change. The RCE [Regional Center for Expertise] is divided into working groups by SDG [Sustainable Development Goal] and includes a Youth Network, which aims to connect youth (K-12, colleges and universities, and early career professionals) in North Texas who share a sustainability passion. RCE Summits are held annually to give members an opportunity to collaborate for and discuss sustainability issues.

Mission: We connect organizations in North Texas to enable healthier communities, shared value and sustainable development through education, collaboration and capacity building.

Vision: A healthy, equitable and resilient North Texas.

RCE North Texas currently focuses on the following five SDGs: