Bicycle Friendly University

What is Bicycle Friendly University?

Bicycle Friendly University, 2020-2024, The League of American Bicyclists, Bronze

The Bicycle Friendly University (BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] ) program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff, and visitors. The BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] program provides the roadmap and technical assistance to create great campuses for cycling. In 2020, UT Dallas earned bronze recognition as a Bicycle-Friendly University by The League of American Bicyclists. UT Dallas becomes the 7th university in Texas to attain BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] certification and joins UT Austin, also bronze, to become the second BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] in the UT System.

Visit Bicycle Friendly University (BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] ) to learn more about creating a safe environment for cyclist throughout the United States of America.

UT Dallas’ Bicycle Friendly Mission

As a bicycle-friendly university, UT Dallas cultivates an environment that provides safe accommodation for cycling and encourages students, staff, and visitors to enjoy cycling on campus. Cycling is a cost-efficient and zero-emission form of transportation that helps us reduce our carbon footprint. UT Dallas has approximately 960 bicycle racks, 8 bicycle repair stations, and various well-being routes on-campus. Our mission is to embrace enthusiasm for the alternative mode of transportation and inspire more action to build a healthy, sustainable, and livable UT Dallas.

Bicycle Friendly University Well-Being Routes

Use our new BFU [Bicycle Friendly University] Well-Being Routes (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) to map your way around campus. These routes are designed to avoid high-traffic areas and stay off of sidewalks, which could put you and others in danger of a collision, while passing by some of the most iconic and relaxing sustainability spots on campus. Remember to signal turns, wear a helmet, and check your tire air, brakes, and chain before every ride!

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A bicycle parked under a tree near Cottonwood Creek on the UTD campus.

Bicycle Parking and Repair Map