Eco Reps

Eco Reps are compensated part-time student leaders that implement sustainability programs at UT Dallas. Their mission is to make life at UT Dallas more sustainable by educating the campus about sustainability principles and managing programs that make being sustainable easier and more accessible.

Program History

An Eco Rep demonstrating proper transplanting at the UT Dallas Eco Hub.

An Eco Rep demonstrating proper transplanting at the UT Dallas Eco Hub.

The Eco Reps program at UT Dallas was launched in 2017. UT Dallas Eco Reps have historically assisted with operational sustainability projects, but now assist with both operational sustainability and sustainability engagement on campus. The first Eco Reps program was started at Tufts University in 2001. Similar programs have spread across the country and now take many forms. Some Eco Reps around the country are stationed in housing operations, some are volunteers. At UT Dallas, the term “Eco Rep” is used to refer to the paid student employees in the Office of Sustainability.

The Eco Rep Role

An Eco Rep introducing onlookers to the UTD honey bees.

An Eco Rep introducing onlookers to the UTD honey bees.

There are eight Eco Reps on campus, each with a specific job function and role.

The two Bee Campus USA Eco Reps are responsible for education and outreach initiatives as they relate to honeybees on campus.

The Bicycle-Friendly University Eco Rep is responsible for bicycle education and planning on campus. They may host maintenance clinics, group rides, safety demonstrations, and tabling events. The position goals are largely determined by the League of American Cyclists’ Bicycle-Friendly University application, which UT Dallas renews on a 3-year cycle.

There are two Eco Hub Eco Reps, both of whom support UT Dallas’s first and only microfarm with the mission to support food insecure students on campus. These Eco Reps host weekly Saturday garden workdays, and when they’re not at the farm, may be planning or researching new farm techniques or initiatives.

Eco Reps examine a section of native Texas Blackland Prairie on University land.

Eco Reps examine a section of native Texas Blackland Prairie on University land.

The Sustainable Communities Eco Rep promotes sustainability through education, outreach, and action as it relates to making the UT Dallas, DFW, and global community more sustainable. The Sustainable Communities Eco Rep also organizes various activities and leads the Sustainable Communities Collective to drive impactful initiatives.

The Marketing Eco Rep supports the work of the office by promoting and covering office events by taking pictures, creating Instagram posts, or assisting with other marketing and graphic design projects. The Marketing Eco Rep also leads publication of The Greenhouse Blog, a monthly blog that focuses on sustainability on UTD campus and beyond. These blog posts are featured in the Office of Sustainability newsletter each month.

The Outreach Eco Rep supports the work of the office by planning and executing events in collaboration with fellow Eco Reps and full-time office staff. The Outreach Eco Rep will also provide graphic design and social media marketing assistance to the Marketing Eco Rep.

The Zero Waste Eco Rep is responsible for creating and maintaining programs related to composting and recycling on campus. This Eco Rep markets and manages the Comet Composting program, utilizing data to improve program efficiency and determine necessary program changes.

While each Eco Rep takes on specific roles within the Office of Sustainability, Eco Reps also work as a team to brainstorm new initiatives, table for the office at large, and assist with tasks as needed by full time staff and other Eco Reps.

Become an Eco Rep

A trio of Eco Reps, ready to answer questions about UTD’s sustainability initiatives.

A trio of Eco Reps, ready to answer questions about UTD’s sustainability initiatives.

If you are interested in and curious about sustainability, work well with a team, and are ready to take initiative for sustainability projects on campus, the Eco Reps program may be a good fit for you. Eco Rep positions are available on a rolling basis for current UT Dallas students. Information about open Eco Rep positions will be posted on our Instagram account and through our newsletter when available. Please contact for specific questions about the Eco Rep program.

Contact the Eco Reps

If you are interested in getting in touch with a current Eco Rep, please email