An Open Letter From ECO

November 2, 2020

Environmental Conservation Organization If you’re reading this letter, you’re probably already concerned about the planet. But too many people don’t share our concerns, and I’d argue it’s because of a lack of understanding. Usually, the harmful decisions we make are caused because we’re disconnected from the negative outcome. We don’t see where our plastic straws end up. We don’t see the methane from our livestock filling the skies above us, melting glaciers far away. At the same time, we rarely see the impact of the positive changes we make—riding our bikes to work, eating less meat, taking shorter showers. It’s hard to understand things that are so hard to see.

Our mission is to help our fellow students see. We should never judge people if they don’t prioritize the environment. Instead we should invite them to learn why we see it as a priority. We aim to have programs for every student, from the Hummer drivers to the hippies, steak fans and tofu fans alike. When we include everyone in our conversations, it creates the perfect opportunity for each of us to become better environmental stewards.

Members of the Environmental Conservation Organization Demonstrating Near Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

Here’s a run-down of what we’re up to this semester:

Jack Turner wrote in The Abstract Wild that “Old ways of seeing things do not change because of evidence; they change because a new language captures the imagination.” We try to offer the best evidence of our climate crisis available, given by folks like the Welder Wildlife Foundation. But the best thing ECO [Environmental Conservation Organization] can do, the most effective role we can play, is in offering a new language that can capture the imaginations of others.

ECO [Environmental Conservation Organization] would love to connect with you. If you’re a student, check out our social media or join one of our meetings. If you’d like to partner with us or speak at one of our meetings, we’d love to chat! ECO [Environmental Conservation Organization] is a community above all else.


Will Heitman

President, UTD ECO [Environmental Conservation Organization] | Instagram | Twitter | Mailing List


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