A Word from Green Initiative Chair Allyson DeVerse

October 5, 2020

Green Initiative - UT Dallas Student Government

When students walk on to campus, they see beautiful trees and landscaping, they see peers of different backgrounds, and they are embraced with the ambitious and driven energy that runs through all Comets. As a freshman, I was one of those students, but now I look around and see it all from a different lens. I walk on to campus and see the beautifully cultivated biodiversity that welcomes wildflowers, pollinators, and humans to coexist peacefully. I see my peers that have different backgrounds and everyone working together to make UTD a more equitable place for all students. And I am embraced and encouraged by the Comet energy that transforms students into leaders and workers that are dedicated towards creating a more sustainable future.

The difference in this lens is that sustainability is moved to the front of my mind and it impacts my perspective on everything I do. My goal for the 2020-2021 school year is to create the resources and programs that allow students to consider sustainability in their daily lives. This semester the Green Initiative Committee is working on creating a Student Sustainability Guide, educational social media content, increasing access to affordable healthy food on campus, and working to reduce waste wherever possible. We want to foster a welcoming environment for collaboration because anyone can make a difference with a little bit of effort, but the strength of numbers can move mountains.


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